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A person looking at a mapA man sitting in an aircraft suite, reading a bookAircraftA man sitting in a demo design of a suite in an aircraft
A man wearing a beige beanie on his head and a black t-shirt

Andrew Greenbaum

Senior Industrial Designer
A man assembling panelsA man assembling panels2 men sitting in a demo design of a suite for an aircraft
A white man with dark hair, wearing a black t-shirt

Matt Cleary

2 men in a Hanger standing in front of an aircraft2 men sitting on chairs in an aircraft2 men looking at fabric
A man with short brown hair, wearing round spectacles and a white t-shirt

Victor Carlioz

2 men lying with their backs down on the floor A man putting together a moodboard of different images and textures
2 men with camera equipment
A man with brown hair and brown spectacles, wearing a white t-shirt

Matteo Broccolo

A man sitting in a chair of an aircraft
A white man with brown hair. wearing brown spectacles and a purple shirt

Fred Smith

Senior Industrial Designer & Visualizer
Selfie of a man while sitting on a chair
A white man with brown hair wearing a blue jumper

Zak Smith

Strategic Sales
The construction of a suite for an aircraftA cute Golden RetrieverA man holding up a black oval object

Our goal is to become an extension
of your team and to understand as much as we can about your vision, to facilitate discussions and be able work together in overcoming problems, finding the right solutions and delivering the best possible results.

We work within the constraints of your business, timeline, 
and budget.

A moodboard of different images and textures on a white wall

But what do we do?

Matthew Cleary & Victor Carlioz founded ACLA Studio in 2017. They have over 25 years in combined experience in product design and development of aviation interiors. Their work has been recognized with multiple design awards.
We partner with organizations large and small, supporting them in a wide range of creative, design and engineering challenges.

Industrial Design

Transportation Design


Research & Ideation

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New Product Innovation

Color Material & Finish

3D Visualization

Proprietary concepts

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