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Ascent Narrow-Body

Good design awardBronze ward 2023Crystal Cabin award


2021 - 2023


C Class mockup
Industrial Design
Build & Prototype
3D Rendering
Motion Graphics

Ascent Narrow Body is a new business class seat platform developed specifically for the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft families.

A woman eating a meal in business class on an aircraft
Man sitting in an aircraft looking at  a screen
A woman waking up from a nap

Ascent Business Class seat is a complex puzzle between comfort and cabin density. The result is a new seat design that sets new benchmarks in terms of features, storage, and comfort.

Aircraft seating design
Luxury  bed design in an aircraft

Adient Aerospace is a joint venture between Adient and the Boeing Company. Boeing brings a deep knowledge of Aerospace, and Adient is a world leader in automotive seating.

ACLA Studio’s team lead the design of the new Ascent Business Class seat from the first Layout studies all the way to the first customer program.
Ascent Narrow-Body Business Class seat is designed with Adient Aerospace commitment to exceptional craftmanship and human-centric comfort at every steps of the development process.
ACLA Studio multidisciplinary Aviation expertise from design engineering to manufacturing help guide the product architecture to achieve a high quality seat furniture without compromising the passenger comfort.
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Seating row in an aircraft

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