Boeing Encore Interiors

Clear Cabin

a screen in an aircraft


2022 - 2023


Research & ideation
Industrial Design
Prototype build management
3D Rendering
Branding and creative lead

Clear Cabin is a concept for a class divider that pushes forward a digital future for the aircraft cabin.

A row of blue leather aircraft seating
A man in a blue suit sitting on a chair in an aircraft
New tech brings new opportunity.
We found an incredible opportunity in LG’s new transparent OLED technology. This new technology means that the class divider can cover an entire row while satisfying the FAA’s Direct View requirement.
The screen also gives the airline an important digital touchpoint where they can communicate pertinent flight, service, and safety information to passengers while expressing their brand language.

Digital tools to connect the cabin of the future.


With such simple product architecture, the small details become a large focus.
We gave many hours of attention to the small details. Joint conditions, alignment of graphic elements, fillets and chamfers were at the forefront of our design process.
ACLA Studio multidisciplinary Aviation expertise from design engineering to manufacturing help guide the product architecture, creating a beautiful product that was close to production intent.
clear cabin
Clear cabin
A hand picking up a phone from a shelf
A blue leather seat in an aircraft
clear cabin

On Brand

Our CMF was inspired by finishes that you would see in a beautiful home. Our goal is to make passengers to feel less like they are in an aircraft cabin and more like they’re in a beautiful home or hotel.
We also pulled from Boeing’s internal style guide to infuse their brand language directly into the product, a moment that is highlighted in the literature pockets.
Source Photo
A gradient rectangle
A gradient rectangle
Gradient Divisions
Vacuum-Formed Panels Artwork
3 gradient squares
Vacuum formed panels

ACLA Studio designed and developed a digital experience specifically for this new transparent screen technology

Our process

With all of our constraints came an opportunity to really focus in on detail design. From designing each joint condition to ergonomic studies to fine tuning artwork for the literature pocket coves, we had an answer for every problem that came our way.
Many rounds of sketches informed CAD work. The CAD work was validated in VR, which led to CMF explorations in Keyshot. Those renders were instrumental in the sampling process that ended up on our final model.
Sketched of a Monitor stand
Concept drawing with windows
Clear cabin
A black and white sketch of a monitor stand
A moodboard with different images and textures
A screen in an aircraft

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