Los Angeles City

Street Light

street lamp


2019 - 2020


Research & ideation
Industrial Design
3D Rendering

A light built to beautifully configure to its surrounding and adapt to the future technological  needs of our city Los Angeles.

A line of purple street lamps
Concept 3D render of a staircase and pole

It all starts with the frame of the pole.

Every 8.5” we designed is a universal attachment point. The modular components are all design with standard dimensions. They can be installed or swap quickly to the sandard attachment points creating endless possible pole configurations.
Concept design of a lamp
Concept render of parts of a lamp

Endless configurations.

Concept 3D render of a staircase and pole
Concept render of a street lamp with posters
A street lamp with the American flag

Easy to manufacture. Iconic and beautiful. Fundamentally modular.

We designed our pole with ease of manufacturing in mind. All parts of our pole are designed to be assembled easily and efficiently, using common manufacturing techniques.
Our street light is designed for the people of Los Angeles and our guests from around the world. An elegant and iconic design intended for our city streetscape.
The pole we have made can adapt to the future needs of our city without sacrificing aesthetics. Our design is scalable. It can be configured and reconfigured with ease. Little to no technical training would be required for the maintenance staff, as the design is fundamentally simple throughout.
A green pole, a silver pole, a rose gold pole and a black and brass pole

Baseline Configuration

The baseline configuration allows the street pole to scale to the future needs of any community. The structure is filled with blank panels that can be replaced with future upgrades and features with ease.
Concept drawing
street pole

Event Lighting

The color changing event lighting can be programmed, giving the city and districts the opportunity to curate the colors of our streets to fit any occasion. The number of panels per pole can be varied depending upon city requirements.
Rainbow coloured street lamps in the street
A line of purple street lamps

Pedestrian Light

The pedestrian light bring a domestic and ornamental form to our city’s streets. The pedestrian light is one of the most visually prominent elements to all passersby, giving identity to our streets in an elegant and iconic form.
Concept design of a lamp

Shade Sail

Mimicking the fronds of palm trees; the sloped sales hang elegantly from their support wire, subtly giving shade to the street and gently moving in the wind. The shade weave and pattern along with the color can also be changed in order to further enhance or blend with the surrounding area.
concept design of a staircase

Design to be future proof

Our modular system is designed for all city current needs and can be upgraded or modified for future city technological requirements.
A black stand with an infographic
A concept of a camera attached to street lamp
A concept of a street lamp

Our Process

We spent a lot of time thinking about what would be right for the people of Los Angeles. We started with extensive research. Looking for a concept that would work aesthetically and functionally. We landed on our design, and from there it turned into a process of refinement. Removing as much complexity from the design as possible.
Process work for street light
3 white mini polymer street lamps on concrete
A grid of 4 images including 2 black and white vintage images
a white 3D lamp pole
3 street lamps

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